Jaw misalignment and correction

  • A brilliant smile starts with a sturdy jaw. Any jaw misalignment can lead to a variety of issues. At Reflections Orthodontics, we will diagnose and correct jaw misalignments in Clarksville and Pleasant View, Tennessee. Each of our three offices has an experienced, welcoming staff ready to guide you through the most effective treatment for your situation. We invite you to request an appointment today!

  • What are jaw misalignment symptoms?

    Jaw misalignment can take many forms with symptoms that range from visual to sensory. We recommend our services if you experience the following symptoms:

    • Misaligned teeth: A crooked jaw will force its teeth out of position and cause overbites, underbites or crowding.
    • Facial pain: Misalignment may cause pain while chewing, headaches or earaches.
    • Uneven tooth wear or decay: Your jaw’s position may cause more friction in certain areas of your mouth.
    • Poor dental health: Misaligned teeth allow bacteria to resist brushing and flossing.
  • How can jaw misalignment happen?

    Your jaw’s development is subject to numerous physical and genetic factors. Misalignment can result from any of the following:

    • Malocclusion: When the upper and lower teeth don’t match up, their positions can influence growth around the entire jaw.
    • Genetics: Some misalignments are hereditary. A patient born with an upper jaw that’s smaller than the lower jaw or vice-versa may naturally develop jaw misalignment.
    • Behaviors: Children can develop projected jaws as they age from overusing pacifiers and bottles or sucking their thumbs.
    • Injury: Making a complete recovery from severe trauma is often difficult. Many patients have some form of misalignment after an injury.
    • TMJ disorder: A temporomandibular joint disorder can inhibit muscle and ligament function around the jaw joints, potentially altering the way the jaw rests on your face.
  • Should jaw misalignment be addressed?

    If you’re experiencing any symptoms of jaw misalignment, treatment can make a significant difference in your life. Our professional techniques and appliances help Clarksville and Pleasant View orthodontic patients find pain relief, improve their oral hygiene, achieve straight smiles and feel more confident every time they smile. Request misalignment treatment with us to enjoy the comfort of a realigned jaw.

  • Our jaw misalignment treatment options

    We offer the following orthodontic treatments for jaw misalignment at our Clarksville offices:

    • Braces: Braces are a time-tested treatment for a misaligned jaw. Our orthodontists offer traditional metal braces, inconspicuous ceramic braces and the low-profile Clarity™ Advanced Dental Braces.
    • Aligners: Removable aligner trays can treat minor misalignments. We carry Invisalign®, the nation’s top clear aligner trays. Each tray will move your jaw closer to a straight position.
    • Retainers: Our patients receive retainers after wearing braces in order to keep the jaw in its new position. Retainers may also work as a primary treatment in minor cases.
    • Dentofacial orthopedics: Our doctors use treatments and appliances like headgear or expanders to influence the jaw’s development. Dentofacial orthopedic treatments are most effective in younger patients before they develop jaw misalignment.