Opalescence™ Boost™ teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening in Clarksville

Whether you just had your braces taken off or never needed them, teeth whitening treatment can give you a brighter smile! Reflections Orthodontics offers Opalescence Boost professional teeth whitening near you in Clarksville, Tennessee. Schedule an appointment today!

What is professional teeth whitening?

Over time, staining and discoloration can naturally occur, regardless of dental hygiene practices. But don’t worry – our team can help restore your smile! Opalescence Boost, a teeth-whitening gel, is applied at our Clarksville orthodontist offices. It quickly, safely, and effectively brightens your smile without the need for uncomfortable LED lights. Activated chemically, Opalescence Boost starts working immediately upon application. You’ll gain a brighter smile in two or three consecutive 20-minute treatments as Opalescence delivers noticeable whitening results in about an hour!

  • How to whiten teeth

    There are many other common methods people choose to go about whitening teeth. These options are not the most effective or safe teeth whitening methods, but may include:

    • DIY teeth whitening
    • Natural teeth whitening methods
    • Teeth whitening kits
    • Teeth whitening strips

    However, the best teeth whitening method is to go with a dental professional who knows what they are doing. The team at Reflections Orthodontics is highly trained and can provide you with a much safer and more effective tooth whitening treatment than you could give yourself at home.

  • What to expect from Opalescence teeth whitening

    Before scheduling a whitening treatment, we recommend visiting your primary dentist for a regular checkup. Your dentist will assess your teeth and gum health and determine if a whitening treatment is suitable for you. A routine dental checkup will also remove plaque and surface stains, ensuring a smooth tooth surface for more effective treatment. Once you’ve seen your dentist, you can make an appointment at Reflections Orthodontics. During your visit, you’ll provide us with your medical history, including any existing health conditions or tooth implants, and we can proceed with the treatment.

  • How much does teeth whitening cost?

    At Reflections Orthodontics, we provide professional teeth whitening at a discounted rate of $500 for our patients, significantly lower than the average cost of $600. This all-inclusive price covers the entire treatment process and includes aftercare supplies. While dental insurance usually doesn’t cover teeth whitening, we offer flexible payment options to ensure affordability, as we believe that everyone deserves access to a beautiful and healthy smile.

Gain a brighter smile!

Unleash the power of your smile and exude newfound confidence with an Opalescence Boost professional teeth whitening treatment! Should you have any inquiries or wish to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Clarksville, Tennessee. Contact us with your questions, or conveniently schedule your appointment online today.