• Orthodontic retention

    After your orthodontist removes your braces or stops Invisalign® treatment, the next step is the orthodontic retention stage of your plan. To keep your teeth in their new position, your orthodontist will give you a retainer to wear regularly for a period of time. This retainer can be permanent or removable and is custom-made to fit your teeth.

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  • What are dental retainers used for?

    A dental retainer is an oral appliance to maintain the alignment of your teeth after you complete an orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign®. As you age, your teeth may shift their position — wearing your retainer will prevent your teeth from moving back to their pre-treatment position or developing potential bite issues.

    The final result of your orthodontic treatment relies heavily on how much or how little you wear your retainer. It’s best to get into the habit of wearing your orthodontic retention device early to ensure your teeth and smile stay beautiful for years to come.

  • Types of mouth retainers

    The type of retainer that Dr. Blackman or Dr. McCormack may recommend will depend on your specific needs. Our teeth retainer options include:


    The Hawley retainer is the most common removable retainer and uses a combination of wires and acrylic to keep your teeth in position. Patients can also personalize this retainer with colors or patterns.


    The Essix retainer is a clear, removable retainer tray that fits over an entire arch of teeth. Since this retainer does not contain metal wires, it is virtually invisible when in your mouth. Essix retainers are a durable, easy-to-wear retainer option.]


    Fixed or lingual retainers are a single wire bonded directly to the inside surface of the teeth in your lower jaw. Many orthodontists recommend a fixed retainer for patients who may not be able to care for a removable retainer or have severe dental needs that require a permanent solution.

  • Tips for caring for your retainer

    Whether you receive a fixed or removable mouth retainer, it’s essential to practice good dental habits to ensure this device remains in working order. Carefully clean your teeth retainer as directed to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

    If you have a Hawley or fixed retainer, you can clean it carefully with a toothbrush. For an Essix retainer, your orthodontist may give you a special cleaning solution to protect your orthodontic retainer from damage from the harsh bristles of your toothbrush.

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