Clarity Advanced Braces

  • Want to experience the same function and durability of traditional metal braces but with an innovative and attractive new look? Clarity™ Braces enable you to achieve a straight smile with a ceramic design that works just as well as it looks.

    Here at Reflections Orthodontics, we use ceramic Clarity Brackets to provide our patients with a functional and aesthetically pleasing orthodontic solution that will help them reach their smile goals.

  • What are Clarity Advanced Braces?

    Clarity Advanced Braces are an effective, natural-looking treatment option for patients wanting to correct everything from crooked teeth to gaps. With their low-profile design, these ceramic braces are designed to make the process of straightening your teeth more comfortable.

    Throughout your treatment, you’ll be able to smile confidently, knowing that the subtle brackets are barely noticeable.

  • How do Clarity Brackets work?

    Unlike traditional braces, Clarity Brackets are completely metal-free — not even requiring any metal reinforcements. Instead, they use a translucent ceramic bracket and are self-ligating, meaning they don’t require rubber bands. Because there aren’t any ligatures or bands, your braces will bond and blend right in with your teeth.

  • What are the advantages of Clarity Brackets?

    Clarity Advanced clear braces allow you to enjoy a natural-looking smile throughout your treatment. Along with being one of the most aesthetically pleasing braces options available, the ceramic brackets are also small, making them much less noticeable than metal braces.

    The clear, fine-grained material makes them comfortable to wear. They feature a low-profile design that keeps them closer up against each tooth. Since they are smooth, there’s less chance that they’ll unintentionally snag or cut your cheek or gum like traditional metal braces might.

    You can also rest assured that there will be no staining or discoloration. The Clarity Braces are durable and long-lasting, keeping their translucent color until your orthodontist removes them.

    Overall, you’ll find that the self-ligating design makes your teeth shift into place faster since there’s less friction and the braces are able to easily slide along the wire. Then, when it’s time to reveal your new smile, the removal process is quick and easy.

  • Why make Reflections Orthodontics your choice for Clarity Braces?

    At Reflections Orthodontics, we are committed to making your experience comfortable and customized to fit your unique needs. When you visit our office, we’ll provide complimentary tea and coffee, helping you relax while you wait for your appointment.

    Throughout your entire treatment, our team will ensure you receive world-class solutions, and we will answer any questions you might have and keep you updated on your care. You can count on a memorable experience from start to finish.

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    We invite patients in Clarksville and Pleasant View, Tennessee, and the surrounding area to schedule a consultation to learn more about our tailored Clarity Braces treatment solutions. We’ll walk you through your options and what you can expect, and we’ll go over our flexible payment plans. To take the first step toward a beautiful, straight new smile, contact us or schedule a free consultation today.