Kids braces

Kids are notorious for having orthodontic issues. Braces, retainers and headgear are sure to be on your mind as your child begins to lose their baby teeth and their adult ones come in. When that happens, it’s time to book their first appointment at Reflections Orthodontics in Clarksville or Pleasant View, Tennessee. We’ll help correct any growing concerns and get your child on their way to a healthy smile for life.

Why do kids get braces?

Seven years old is generally considered the magic number for an early orthodontic evaluation. When your child is 7, they’ve likely begun getting their adult teeth. Making your first visit sooner rather than later can help you take preventive steps to avoid more expensive dental work later in life.

At this age, the orthodontist will be able to see problems forming, such as overcrowding or bite misalignment. They may recommend early interceptive treatment. Your child’s treatment might involve tools like expanders, spacers or tongue cribs. Braces are the most commonly recommended course of action.

Does my child need braces?

There are many reasons why your child’s orthodontist may recommend braces, including:

  • Misplaced, protruding or blocked teeth.
  • Overcrowded or awkwardly spaced teeth.
  • Teeth, jaw or bite misalignment.
  • Consistent mouth breathing or thumb-sucking.

Your orthodontist may notice subtle signs of issues that can escalate if not corrected. Fixing potential problems like these early on can also help with sleeping or breathing and improve conditions like asthma.

  • Our braces for kids teeth

    You and your child will have the option to choose between these different braces styles:

    • Metal braces: With traditional metal braces, the orthodontist attaches gold or silver plates to each tooth. Wires and rubber bands connect the plates and correct your teeth by moving them into place. Metal braces are the most common form of kid’s braces.
    • Clear ceramic braces: Find a more aesthetically pleasing option with ceramic braces. While they work the same way as metal braces, the plates are clear and blend into the teeth better, giving them a less pronounced appearance.
    • Invisalign®: Finally, our least noticeable and most temporary option is Invisalign aligners. Instead of attaching plates to your kid’s teeth, these aligners are clear trays that your child can remove whenever they’re eating or brushing their teeth. Your child wears them for at least 22 hours a day, changing aligners every two weeks as their teeth adjust to new positions.

    Often, children only need to wear braces for about 12 to 18 months. Since their jaws are not yet fully developed, their teeth shift more easily and have room to correct and grow properly.

  • Connect with Reflections Orthodontics today

    If you think your child needs braces or an early orthodontic evaluation, Reflections Orthodontics is standing by to schedule your appointment. Childhood is hard enough without feeling self-conscious about your smile, so let us help your kid feel confident by correcting their teeth with braces.