Teeth crowding correction

  • Teeth crowding happens when there’s not enough space in the mouth for your teeth. This common issue is a type of malocclusion, or “bad bite,” that can easily be corrected with the right orthodontic treatment.

    At Reflections Orthodontics, our teeth crowding correction treatments will help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

  • What causes teeth crowding?

    When your teeth grow in misaligned or twisted, you can experience crowding in the upper or bottom teeth. Dental crowding can also happen when your jaw size isn’t able to accommodate the size of your teeth. When your teeth don’t have enough room, they’ll be forced to grow in incorrectly.

    There are several factors that can cause teeth crowding. Genetics can influence the size of your jaw. Other causes can be:

    • Losing baby teeth early.
    • Experiencing abnormal tooth growth.
    • Having large teeth.
    • Having extra adult teeth
  • Symptoms of dental crowding

    While it’s often easy to visually see the signs of upper or lower teeth crowding, there are many symptoms that often go along with this orthodontic issue. Common symptoms include:

    • Bleeding when flossing.
    • Tooth decay.
    • Difficulty biting or chewing.
    • Difficulty speaking.
    • Discomfort or pain when biting.
    • Jaw pain.
  • How is lower teeth crowding treated?

    Upper and bottom teeth crowding is a treatable orthodontic issue. Depending on your specific needs, treatment options can include:


    Braces are an effective way to correct teeth misalignment issues. Traditional metal braces rely on metal brackets, wires and rubber bands to gradually reposition your teeth.

    Ceramic braces work the same way, but are metal-free and use clear ceramic brackets, offering a more discreet and natural look.


    With its clear, almost invisible design, Invisalign® is one of the most popular ways of straightening teeth. These tray aligners are made using advanced 3D computer imaging technology and then replaced regularly throughout your treatment to accommodate changes in your teeth.


    If there’s not enough room between your teeth, your orthodontist may recommend spacers. Spacers, which are either metal or elastic separators, are placed in between your teeth to create space for braces to fit.

  • Benefits of teeth crowding correction

    Teeth crowding can make it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene. Not being able to thoroughly remove buildup between your teeth can lead to plaque and cavities.

    With a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, Reflections Orthodontics can help you improve your oral — and general — health. Once any issues with your jaw or teeth misalignment are taken care of, you’ll be able to achieve a healthy smile that you’ll be proud to show off.

    Reflections Orthodontics is proud to provide premier care and orthodontic services to patients throughout Clarksville and Pleasant View, Tennessee. We offer initial consultations so patients can learn more about our dental crowding treatment options and flexible payment plans. No matter what your needs are, we strive to make treatment as accessible as possible.