Dental spacers

  • Dental spacers help you or a loved one achieve lifelong oral health and enhanced confidence. They’re comfortable and easy to maintain, making them perfect for future braces treatments or developing smiles.

    Reflections Orthodontics offers quick, effective and affordable spacers to all our neighbors in Clarksville and the surrounding areas. You can rely on our friendly team for professional care and a healthier, happier smile.

  • What are dental spacers?

    Dental spacers are devices that exert pressure between existing teeth to create room for dental appliances and incoming teeth. These orthodontic solutions can prevent and mitigate crowding problems. Depending on how long you need them, they come in metal and rubber versions.

  • Are separators always needed?

    Orthodontists may recommend dental spacers as a preventative measure if your child has missing teeth and demonstrates healthy oral habits. Spacers for teeth can address crowding issues and prepare you for braces or another long-term orthodontic treatment.

    Another option might be more effective if you’re missing certain teeth or if a tooth is about to erupt. Every patient’s orthodontic journey is unique and requires different solutions — we’ll work with you to develop the best treatment plan.

  • Are dental spacers painful?

    You might experience discomfort after insertion. However, sensitive gums and teeth indicate that your dental spacers are working. Pain ranges in intensity and duration, but any tenderness typically fades within a few days. You can alleviate discomfort with cool, soft foods or over-the-counter pain relievers.

  • How dental spacers are installed

    Installing dental spacers is both easy and painless. We’ll insert a small rubber band between your teeth, extending it over and around the crown. Your spacers will begin working immediately, creating pressure on your teeth and moving them to the proper positions.

    Dental spacers are typically used for one to two weeks to make space for long-term solutions, such as metal braces. Removal is just as simple — spacers might fall out on their own once they’ve done their job, or your orthodontist will remove them before the next step in your treatment plan.

  • Caring for dental spacers

    We want you to receive the stunning results you deserve. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your dental spacers:

    • Maintain healthy brushing and flossing habits. Only floss in areas without spacers.
    • Schedule regular orthodontist visits.
    • Eat soft meals and chop larger foods into smaller pieces.
    • Minimize movements that can dislodge your spacers, such as picking at them with your tongue or fingers.
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