Overbite correction

  • While everyone needs a small overbite to properly chew food, it’s common for some people to have a large overlap between their top and bottom teeth.

    Typically, the average overbite is about 1 to 2 millimeters. Anything bigger than that is considered an excessive overbite. Your upper teeth may project too far over your lower teeth, or you may have an incisor overbite, which is when your front teeth overlap your bottom teeth. An overbite can affect both your appearance and overall health.

    At Reflections Orthodontics, we have several treatments available for patients in Pleasant View and Clarksville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas to correct these orthodontic issues.

  • How overbites develop

    There are several ways that overbites can develop. Two of the most common types are skeletal and dental overbites.

    Skeletal overbites can happen whenever there are irregularities with the jawbone’s development due to genetics or other factors that cause the teeth and jaw to not grow as they should. Dental overbites are caused by external factors and habits. Prolonged sucking on pacifiers, bottles or thumbs can all lead to an overbite. Similarly, habits like nail-biting can disrupt jawbone and teeth development.

  • Symptoms of overbite

    Depending on the severity of your overbite, you could experience a wide range of symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms experienced with an overbite of the front teeth include:

    • Pain.
    • Jaw stiffness or lockjaw.
    • Difficulty chewing, eating or speaking.
    • Tooth decay and loss.
    • Gum disease.
    • Earaches.
    • Headaches.
  • Why it’s a good idea to get an overbite fixed

    If left untreated, overbites can get worse over time and lead to a great deal of discomfort and pain. This issue can make flossing and brushing your teeth difficult, which can eventually cause more severe dental problems ranging from gingivitis to periodontal disease.

    The longer an overbite is left untreated, the greater the chance that it will cause damage to your teeth, jaw and bones, making it harder to correct.

  • Our custom overbite treatments

    At our Pleasant View and Clarksville, Tennessee, offices, our orthodontic team understands that no two overbites are alike, which is why we offer custom treatments. Most of the time, overbites can be corrected without surgery.

    We’ll work closely with each patient to tailor a treatment based on their specific needs. Often, overbites can easily be corrected by using braces. With options ranging from traditional metal braces to innovative Clarity™ Braces, we’ll develop a plan that works with your lifestyle and preferences.

    We also offer other treatment options, like Invisalign aligners, for patients who prefer a transparent device.

  • Reflections Orthodontics prioritizes your care

    Reflections Orthodontics is your local orthodontist office in the Clarksville and Pleasant View areas that’s committed to providing world-class dental treatments. From the beginning till the end, our team will be by your side, answering all your questions and keeping you updated on your treatment plan. When you visit our office, you’ll even be able to relax with complimentary tea and coffee.