Cornelius M.

I must admit that I was completely blown away by the service and professionalism of the ENTIRE staff. Upon arriving I was expecting it to be just another typical day at the dental office. As usual I had the tense feeling in my stomach and was filled with uncertainty. Surprisingly, all of my apprehension melted away as I entered the building which resembles a vacation resort, and was called by name by the two extremely polite receptionists. They actually held a conversation with me with about things other than the appointment. I felt more like a friend than just a patient. Immediately after signing in I was greeted by another polite lady who gave me a TOUR of the facility and introduced me to practically everyone in the dental office. I have never in my life been given a tour of a dental office. I must also add that I have had enough experience in dealing with people that I can tell if they are genuine or not. Every single person that I met had a genuine concern for people. The conversations were comical, enlightening and totally disarmed me and put me at ease. As with most of the dental offices that I have visited the staff rarely communicates with each other and you can feel the tension in the atmosphere. Not here, the staff was totally engaged with one another and evidently loved what they were doing. As my exams began, the polite lady was right there to escort me to the next station and I felt as if I had my own personal concierge. At least 5 people offered me coffee or something to drink. My last stop was the billing office to receive a quote and determine how I would like to proceed. I was shocked that the majority of our conversation did not evolve around why I needed to receive the treatment or the usual pressure tactics. We discussed practically everything but that. Soon after Dr. Blackman came in and gave nothing short of a stellar presentation which answered any question I could possibly think of and then some. I had initially planned to receive the quote and then compare it with that of another facility that I scheduled a consultation with for the following week but after all that I had experienced I was sold. After all I had seen I was just sure that the cost would be astronomical but to my surprise the cost was far less than I thought it would be, I’m talking thousands. We then discussed the rewards program which is phenomenal, who ever heard of a dental office giving back to the patients and I’m not talking about stickers and plastic toys. I’m talking about a iPad Pro that was up for grabs and tons of gift cards that could be earned just for taking care of your teeth. I had my exam today and tomorrow they will be putting my braces on, talk about excellent customer service. I could literally go on and on about Reflections but this is truly a place that you have to experience for yourself. I give it 5 stars and could find absolutely no room for improvement. This place is taking the orthodontics experience to another level.