Underbite correction

  • There should be a slight overlap between your top and bottom teeth. When the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth, though, it causes an orthodontic condition called prognathism.

    Prognathism, more commonly known as an underbite, can range from minor to severe and can occur in individuals of all ages. At Reflections Orthodontics, we provide underbite treatments to correct this orthodontic condition and help you achieve your dream smile.

  • What causes an underbite?

    An underbite often results from genetics that cause a larger lower jaw and an underdeveloped lower jaw. Most individuals are born with their underbites and have other family members with them.

    Sometimes, an underbite is caused by childhood behaviors or habits such as:

    • Thumb sucking
    • Excessive pacifier or bottle use
    • Tongue thrusting
    • Mouth breathing

    Jaw deformities or overcrowding can also result in an underbite.

  • Underbite symptoms

    Most of the time, underbites will be noticeable because they affect the appearance of both the jaw and face. Several symptoms you might experience include:

    • Jaw or joint discomfort and pain.
    • Earaches and headaches.
    • Difficulty biting and chewing food.
    • Mouth breathing.
    • Snoring and sleep apnea.
    • Speech impediments.
    • Tooth decay or damage.
  • Why correct an underbite?

    Underbite correction will help you achieve proper teeth alignment for an aesthetically pleasing smile. Along with the self-esteem benefits, corrective treatments also make it easier for you to maintain good oral hygiene. It will be easier to floss and clean, which will help prevent dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease. You’ll also feel less discomfort and pain.

    The earlier an underbite is treated, the easier it will be to achieve these results.

  • Underbite treatment options

    There are several options for underbite correction without surgery. The majority of mild to moderate cases can be corrected with nonsurgical options.

    Common treatments include:

    • Upper jaw expander: An upper jaw expander increases the dental arch’s size. As the expander is gradually widened, it helps to reposition the upper jaw and teeth over the lower teeth.
    • Chin chaps: As their name suggests, chin caps go around the chin to help stop the growth of the lower jaw.
    • Reverse pull face mask: This orthodontic headgear helps move the upper jaw into the proper position. It wraps around the entire head and can be worn as needed.
    • Braces: Whether metal or clear, or Invisalign®, braces can adjust the teeth once the jaw is realigned.
  • Why choose Reflections Orthodontics?

    Here at Reflections Orthodontics, we deliver premier care in a comfortable environment. We customize each treatment based on our patient’s orthodontic needs and goals. We do what it takes to make sure you are relaxed during every appointment — even providing complimentary tea and coffee during your wait.

    Reflections Orthodontics is proud to provide premier care and orthodontic services to patients throughout Clarksville and Pleasant View, Tennessee. We offer initial consultations so patients can learn more about our dental crowding treatment options and flexible payment plans. No matter what your needs are, we strive to make treatment as accessible as possible.