Open bite correction

  • What is an openbite?

    An open bite is when an individual’s top teeth do not touch their bottom teeth when their jaw is completely shut. Open bites can occur with a problem in the top or bottom teeth that result in this gap.

    Orthodontists see open bites regularly among their patients, and there are several treatment options that fit each individual’s situation.

  • What can cause an open bite?

    An open bite can result from various factors, such as:

    • Tongue thrusting: A habit of pushing your tongue too far between the upper and lower teeth when swallowing.
    • Thumb sucking: Placing your thumb in your mouth for long periods following the growth of primary teeth.
    • Mouth breathing: A tendency to breathe primarily through your mouth, causing your jaw and teeth to develop abnormally.
    • Genetics: A cause originating in bone growth, inherited through genes.
    • TMD: A temporomandibular joint disorder causing painful symptoms when you open and close your mouth.
  • Open bite symptoms

    The first sign of an open bite is when your upper and lower teeth still have a space between them when you close your mouth. Additional indications that you may have an open bite include:

    • Problems with chewing or swallowing.
    • Speech impediments, like a lisp.
    • Pain when biting or chewing.
    • Less pronounced chin.
    • Difficulties biting food with your front teeth.
  • Why fix an open bite?

    Dealing with an open bite for an extended period can cause complications for the health of your teeth, mouth and body. Also, this malocclusion can worsen over time, increasing the chances of gum disease and excessive wear on the load-bearing teeth.

    When you choose to receive treatment for your open bite, you can experience benefits such as:

    • Better sleep.
    • Fewer headaches and earaches.
    • Higher self-confidence.

    Don’t let an open bite get in your way — seek out treatment today from skilled orthodontists who can help you achieve a healthier smile.

  • Customized treatments for open bites

    There are several treatments for fixing an open bite that are molded for your specific needs through a comprehensive exam and diagnosis.


    The most common treatment for open bites is braces. Traditional metal braces help balance your bite by moving your teeth into their correct position and alignment.


    Invisalign® is a mix between a retainer and braces and provides similar structural support as metal braces. This treatment is a popular option for resolving various orthopedic issues, including open bites.

    Dentofacial orthopedics

    Dentofacial orthopedics are therapies that guide your jaw and teeth into proper alignment as they grow. This treatment is most effective for child patients. However, an adult with an open bite can also benefit from this method.

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