Crossbite correction

  • Crossbite is a type of misalignment where your upper teeth press inside your lower teeth when your mouth is closed. Moving forward with crossbite treatment can correct your teeth, jaw and mouth and offer long-lasting benefits. At Reflections Orthodontics, we can fix crossbites early to prevent further misalignment or other problems.

  • What causes a crossbite?

    A crossbite malocclusion may develop for various reasons. Although natural, prolonged thumb sucking changes teeth and jaw placement. A child’s baby teeth may prevent the eruption of permanent teeth, causing misalignment. Other causes, such as mouth breathing over time, may also affect your facial structure growth and result in a crossbite.

    In some cases, your genetics may cause hereditary upper and lower jaw size variation. Repeated pressure from external sources or habits such as tongue thrusting may also develop the crossbite. Tumors or serious injury to the jawbone or mouth can cause this malocclusion, as well.

  • Crossbite symptoms

    Crossbites cause many symptoms that could be corrected for a more comfortable and healthy life. Repeated irregular contact between upper and lower teeth creates:

    • Headaches.
    • Jaw pain.
    • Tooth decay.
    • Gum disease.
    • Worn enamel.
    • Cracked and broken teeth.
    • Jaw misalignment.
    • Speech problems.
    • Chewing difficulties.
    • Facial, neck and shoulder pain.
    • Asymmetrical facial features.
  • Why correct a crossbite?

    Ideally, you should look into crossbite correction as soon as possible. The misalignment causes unnatural friction, which may result in health concerns that develop and progress over time. Fixing a crossbite provides various benefits, including:

    • Better chewing.
    • Enamel protection.
    • Prevention of tooth decay and cavities.
    • Easier cleaning for good hygiene.
    • Ease of pressure on the jaw.
    • Enhanced gum health.
  • Crossbite treatment options

    An orthodontist will assess your unique alignment and determine the best treatment plan based on your condition, preferences and goals. There are many treatments available, including:

    • Palatal expanders: Widening narrow dental arches with an expander makes your upper jaw fit well with the lower jaw.
    • Invisalign® or clear aligners: This popular method gradually corrects teeth alignment and can be removed for eating or brushing teeth.
    • Braces: Traditional crossbite braces straighten your upper and lower teeth for correct bite alignment.
    • Tooth extraction: Removing teeth allows more space for teeth to grow.
    • Headgear: This device applies pressure to your head and face to control jaw growth.
    • Dental restorations: Reshaping, bonding or capping the teeth improves misalignment.
    • Surgery: In some cases, adults may need surgical assistance for ideal jaw positioning.
  • Why choose Reflections Orthodontics?

    At Reflections Orthodontics, we provide top-rated services to patients in Clarksville and Pleasant View, Tennessee. As a Diamond and Diamond + level provider, we offer clients the highest-rated level of premier care. Our flexible payment plans make crossbite corrections affordable, and our friendly staff members are available to answer any questions you have throughout the treatment. We welcome your family to try our accessible treatments from experienced professionals.