Reflections from the Heart


Welcome to Community Reflections!

ENCOURAGE. ENGAGE. SERVE. INSPIRE. These are the guideposts and foundation of our community service and responsibility program, Community Reflections. Founded in 2012, we are proud to announce this important program within our corporate structure. Our team at Reflections is not only committed to serving our family of patients, we are committed to service to our community as well, making lasting imprints that will make a meaningful difference.

We love our children! We are excited to be working with our local schools in the development of our children advocacy program, a vital part of our Community Reflections. Our goal is to encourage scholastic success, encourage students to their potential, and inspire them to embrace important life concepts such as hard work, commitment, positive attitude and service to others.

As we are in development of the Community Reflections program, we invite our patients to help us create our Community Reflections logo. The winning logo will become the symbol of Community Reflections, to be used on our T-shirts, program memorabilia, and promotions. We are excited to have our patients’ help in developing this very important part of our program!

Check back here and on our Facebook page for updates on our Community Reflections program. We look forward to inviting our guests to share in memorable experiences with us as we serve to make a meaningful difference in our Clarksville area! We are Family serving Family!

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