Your First Visit

Reflections, An Orthodontic Experience | Appointments | Scheduling | Clarksville TNYour first visit to our office will be for the purpose of receiving the doctor's opinion as to whether orthodontic treatment is indicated. If orthodontic treatment is indicated at this time, Dr. Blackman or Dr. Karr will request that some diagnostic records be taken which will be studied to determine what the treatment should be. The result of those findings will be discussed thoroughly with you at the next appointment- the consultation appointment. If the doctor feels that orthodontics is not indicated at this particular time, he may place the patient on a recall schedule so that he can follow the patient until the proper time for the treatment arrives.

Consultation Appointment

Utilizing the records taken during the records appointment, Dr. Blackman and Dr. Karr will determine a treatment plan for the patient. At this appointment, one of our treatment coordinators will cover the following topics:

  • The extent of the problem.
  • The treatment plan and an estimated time of treatment.
  • The type of braces to be used. There are many different methods at your disposal. We will discuss the one we feel is best for you.
  • The exact fee and how payment can be arranged.

Dr. Blackman and Dr. Karr feel that this is a most important visit because it provides an opportunity to discuss the treatment and answer specific questions before any work has begun. We enjoy discussing our profession with others and we invite your questions at this time. Following the consultation, fee arrangements and insurance paperwork can be coordinated with our business manager, Gloria Henshaw. In our office, fees and financial arrangements are handled by the office manager so that the doctor can concentrate on treating patients. If, however, any questions arise which our staff cannot satisfactorily answer, the doctor will be glad to assist you.

Appointment Scheduling

Once a decision has been made by the doctor and the patient (or parents) to begin treatment, a series of appointments will need to be set up by the receptionist. Our receptionist will attempt to make these appointments to best suit you schedule. As soon as all the appliances are in place, the patient will be scheduled to be seen every month. Because a large number of our patients are school age it is impossible to give each patient an after school appointment. We will attempt to rotate the patient's appointments so that each patient is given a share of the available after school appointments. If the patient is unable to attend an appointment, we ask that a 24 hours notice be given in order that we may utilize the time effectively and that we may give the patient another appointment so that treatment can progress on schedule.

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We always knew our daughters would need braces. Picking Drs. Blackman and Karr for orthodontics proved to be the best choice we could have made. The professionalism of Drs. Blackman and Karr are above the rest, and the friendliness of the office staff is unbeatable. We are pleased with our daughters progress and look forward to those designer smiles!

-Laverne Marble, Clarksville, TN